Chiropractic Testimonials

"Last Friday morning I woke up with one of the worst migraines I have ever experienced. My husband called Barth Chiropractic and they got me right in (i was not a patient there). When I got there they were so kind and caring. Dr. Barth closed the blinds and practically whispered to me knowing how bad I was hurting. I had never been to the chiro so he very kindly explained everything he was doing and was very gentle. He gave me instructions to follow at home and by Friday evening I was almost 100% better! I went back today (Monday) for my follow up and Dr. Barth went over the X-rays with me and explained the plan of action to prevent this from happening again. I have always been afraid of the chiro like a child is from the dentist but after my first 2 visits with Dr. Barth and seeing what he has done for me already…I will definitely recommend him to others! Looking forward to my future visits!"

- Jackie

"My anxiety had caused me to put off treatment but Dr. Barth has created a very calm atmosphere, which was important to me. He listened to me and treated my pain the way I wanted, without pills or surgery. My treatment has been very effective, my overall quality of life is improved. I highly recommend Dr. Barth."

- Amy

"I would recommend Dr. Barth to anyone! Within just a few visits I had so much relief from chronic hip pain."

- Melissa

"The atmosphere, personality, service, and overall care are wonderful. I would highly recommend checking the chiropractic care given to patients at Barth Family Chiropractic it has helped my son and myself. So glad we found them and the care is well worth the visit."

- Melany

"I have suffered from back pain for 11 years and I finally decided to give myself the option to seek a chiropractor. Dr. Barth consulted with me and gave me a thorough explanation of what is happening to my body and how he will be able to stabilize my back problem. As soon as I had my first session, I felt a big sigh of relief leave my body. All the tension I had built up for 11 years and in just one session, I felt like a new person! I am pleased to continue my sessions with Dr. Barth and I’m ready to feel like my old self again!"

- Marla

"Within 3 weeks of treatments from Dr. Barth, my headaches disappeared. I went from bad headaches 4-5 days a week, to less than 5 headaches in the last 9 months. This is amazing!"

- James

"I can honestly say I’ve met few people as well qualified and deserving of the title “Doctor” than Dr. Barth. The man embodies everything you can ask for in a doctor; technique, intellect, and diagnostic perception are off the charts. If you want the best care, see Dr. Barth."

- Derek

"I’ve been seeing chiropractors for over 15 years and I am convinced that Dr. Barth is the best one I have seen! I can say I have stopped searching for the right chiropractor."

- Carrie

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