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Chiropractor Sioux City IA Jerad Barth

Chiropractor Sioux City IA

Welcome to our chiropractic clinic! We are proud to serve our community to resolve health issues and find pain relief. While Sioux City chiropractors are known for helping with chronic back pain, we actually help with a wide variety of health concerns.

Barth Family Chiropractic

Barth Family Chiropractic strives to deliver the highest quality chiropractic care to the Siouxland area. We utilize specific, gentle adjustments to correct the source of the problem. We not only focus on your health but also your time. This is why we are open until 6 Monday-Thursday!

Call if you would like Dr. Barth to speak at your next event.


Chiropractic care strives to deliver holistic care without the need for surgery or medications. Barth Family Chiropractic provides quality health care with focuses on diet, exercise, personal injury, pregnancy, colic, migraines, low back pain, neck pain, Fibromyalgia, and many more conditions.

With the increasing cost of health care and hospital visits, it is important to maintain and strengthen your body so you can defend against illness and injuries to the best of your ability. Chiropractic care is constantly more affordable than hospital stays and medication and delivers health without unnecessary side effects.

Call us today to find out if you and your family can benefit from chiropractic care.

  • Back Pain

  • Neck Pain

  • Headaches

  • Sciatica


Our chiropractic adjustments are specific and gentle. We see patients from one day old to one day left and see great results.

Auricular Therapy
NO NEEDLES NEEDED! We utilize a small microcurrent device to stimulate important points that are specific to your condition.

Traction Therapy
Our intersegmental traction table is a fan favorite. While it feels great, it also stimulates blood flow to the discs and ligaments of the spine.

Specific stretches and exercises may be utilized to help you reach your full potential.


Did you know that chiropractors go to a college just for chiropractic care? For four years (at least) chiropractic doctors study with their teachers for over 4,000 hours. This is in addition to over a thousand hours of supervised clinical training.

This experience is important to become educated on how the body works. After this experience, a chiropractor is able to examine a patient, take down their medical history, perform needed tests, and offer a knowledgeable diagnosis on the problem.

Our chiropractic office is experienced in helping our community find health solutions. We are passionate about creating individual treatment plans that help our patients achieve their best health.

Chiropractor Sioux City IA Jerad Barth with Patient X-Ray

I would recommend Dr. Barth to anyone! Within just a few visits I had so much relief from chronic hip pain.

~ Melissa